Our Mission

About Us

Established in 2009, NZ Technologies Inc. (NZTech) works in the field of Human Machine Interaction (HMI) with specialization in 3D machine vision and learning algorithms. NZTech’s proprietary software and hardware are designed and built in-house at our office in Vancouver, BC. Our core product, TIPSOTM, is a proprietary technology that has evolved from the technical expertise and unique industrial experience of our engineering team, with significant contributions from our co-inventors at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Department of Radiology.

Mission and Goals

NZTech’s top priority is to employ the knowledge and experiences gained from successful
product developments in the automotive, mining, oil & gas, and smart home industries and apply them efficiently
within the clinical space. We believe that there exists a great pain in the operating room – the surgeon’s
interface to modern imaging equipment is non-intuitive, prone to surgeon fatigue, and inefficient. We plan to address this pain and provide value to the clinical sector through the development of innovative 3D non-intrusive machine vision