TIPSOTM Touchless Image Navigation System

Seamless Connectivity

  • Provided USB dongle allows simple wireless connectivity with images
  • Self-contained hardware – no mechanical installation required
  • Plug-and-play setup – no software or driver installation required
  • Compatible with any imaging workstation with a USB port
  • No connection to hospital network and no storage of patient data – hence no HIPAA compliance required



This palm–sized device grants the operator mobility within the operative workspace.

  • Remote control alternative
  • Touch-free finger twirl controls
  • Same controls as the projection menu
  • Operable inside a sterile bag


How it works:

The operator can interact with radiology images by performing simple finger motions over the AirPADTM. The operator can place the AirPadTM on a crowded bed surface or even hold it in their hand for easy access.

Dr. Bond and Dr. Chung using the AirPADTM at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital, respectively.

Mobile Station


  • All-in-one workstation alternative
  • Monitor included
  • Same controls as the projection menu
  • Operable under a sterile cover

How it works:

The operator can access the projection menu with this sleek all-in-one workstation. This provides an alternative access point for when the surgical bed is too crowded.


TIPSOTM In a Live Hospital Setting

TIPSOTM Brochure

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