TIPSO AirPad®️

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TIPSO AirPad®️


TIPSO AirPad® provides a palm-sized, portable solution for convenient control of image navigation, allowing placement inside the sterile field. Touchless finger movements over the sensing surface enable activation of a routine set of controls to interact with procedural imaging to meet the everyday demands.

Design and Features

Designed for operative use

  • Proprietary capacitive technology enables sensing of finger movements over the TIPSO AirPad® surface to activate commands
  • Compact embodiment allows placement anywhere (in a tray or held in hand) within the narrow confines of the sterile workspace
  • Device operable inside a sterile bag

Intuitive user control

  • An operator activates commands by performing finger twirls and swipes over the device
  • No awkward limb movements or learned hand gestures
  • Functionality covers all routine imaging controls, including scroll, zoom, pan, window/level, rotation, etc.
  • An overlay of the hand and menu is shown on the display in real time to help the operator focus on the monitor

Universal Compatibility

  • TIPSOTM can be integrated with any imaging workstation or software

Seamless Connectivity


  • FDA
  • Class 1; 510(k) exempt
  • Health Canada
  • Not classified as a medical device
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Not applicable
  • CE Mark
  • Declared
  • CSA
  • Certified (UL Equivalent)
  • KC (Korea)
  • Compliant
  • JRL
  • Compliant

Technical Data

  • Battery life
  • Up to 6 hours
  • Connectivity
  • USB dongle and wireless router provided
  • Installation
  • none (plug and play)


  • AirPad device
  • AirPad charging dock
  • USB Dongle
  • WIFI Router