VANCOUVER, BC – SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 – Ten digital health companies from British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec have been chosen to attend UNPACK, an intense, two-day round of networking and one-on-one meetings and presentations with potential partners, customers and investors from the digital health ecosystem in Boston. 

With its proximity to Harvard and MIT, Boston has become the centre of US health and life sciences research and development and commercialization. UNPACK is a special program developed by the Consulate General of Canada, Boston, and INTERFACE Health to help Canadian digital health, health IT and life sciences start-ups gain exposure and market traction in the U.S.

The ten companies were chosen from more than 40 who entered a competition to participate in this commercial mission to Boston.

Michael Bidu, CEO of INTERFACE Health says: “I am thrilled to see the tremendous interest shown by Canadian digital health start-ups in attending this Unpack-digital-health-opportunities-in-Boston event. This is the only event of its kind targeted to Canadian digital health start-ups and comes from our aim of helping them accelerate commercialization. I’m also grateful for the collaboration and support of the Canadian Consulate in Boston, as well as support from the provincial governments of British Columbia and Ontario.” 

Thierry Weissenburger, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner at Consulate General of Canada in Boston says: “The Consulate General is delighted to host Canada’s upcoming companies in the area of digital health and showcase to the Boston community Canadian excellence in this space”

The 10 companies chosen to attend UNPACK this October 31 to November 1 are: 

  • Awake Labs, BC 
  • Ayogo Health Inc., BC 
  • Cloud DX, ON 
  • Cyclica, ON 
  • GeneYouIn, ON 
  • NZ Technologies, BC
  • Omnitech Innovations, QC 
  • Pathcore, ON 
  • Pulse Infoframe, ON 
  • Tealbook, ON

Companies were chosen by evaluating how likely they are to gain market traction, based on their existing or potential revenues and their fit with the needs of partners in Boston’s digital health ecosystem. 

For more information about this release, contact: 

Michael Bidu

CEO, Interface Health Society

Christine Carr

Trade Commissioner, Canadian Consulate in Boston

For more information about the UNPACK program, read here.


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