Dr. Behrang Homayoon

I find TIPSOTM most useful during emergency procedures – because I don’t have the luxury of thoroughly reviewing images before the procedure. I have to do it as I go, during the case, when there is no time for taking pictures. TIPSOTM allows me get to the target fast and stop a bleed or initiate an intervention.

For example, in pulmonary embolism cases, the patient can die any minute. I need to get to the clot in the lungs and remove it as fast as possible. TIPSOTM allows me to do that, because I can skip steps and … reduce time for initiation of thrombectomy. As such, TIPSOTM has changed my ability to perform emergency catheter-directed thrombectomy in pulmonary embolism cases. I use TIPSOTM to quickly get to and treat my target. I find this to be the most lifesaving use of TIPSOTM.

So TIPSOTM … improves time to first meaningful action – which can save lives in emergency settings.