Ground breaking research and innovation in the space of
Touchless Human-Machine Interaction

NZ Technologies is a technology innovation firm specializing in the field of Touchless Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) products. 

History of scientific research & development in different fields. 

Capacitive Sensing

The TIPSO™ products houses custom-designed capacitive sensors that can operate wirelessly and track finger motion and simple gestures which allows remote control from the sterile bedside to reduce risk of infections. 

  • Electric-Field Sensing

    Proprietary capacitive technology enables sensing of finger movements over the TIPSO AirPad® surface and TIPSO Beam virtual menu to activate commands. No wearables required

  • Machine-Learning

    Trained with machine learning algorithms to detect common finger-tip interactions.

  • Mixed Reality

    Augmented reality combined with integrated display interfaces for controlling medical equipments

3D Camera Sensing

HoverTap™ is a new user interface technology that enables touchless controls over existing button panels, LCD displays, and the like. Minimize infection by reducing interaction with high-touch surfaces to break the link of transmission.

  • Electric-Field Sensing

    The sensor detects the 3D position of the fingertip above the surface. No cameras needed - no privacy issues and works under all lighting conditions.

  • Machine-Learning

    Trained with machine learning algorithms to detect common finger-tip interactions, HoverTap™ offers precise finger-tap selections with unparalleled responsiveness and accuracy.

  • Retrofittable

    The sensor frame can be retrofitted over existing display/buttons to enable touchless interactions, allowing HoverTap™ to works in tandem with the existing buttons.

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Dr. Nima Ziraknejad

Ph.D., P.Eng. Founder and CEO

An inventor by nature, I have devoted my life to technological innovation, taking sector-specific problems and transforming them into practical, commercialized solutions.

As CEO, I am responsible for leadership and operations at NZTech, which includes securing and managing the financing, and making decisions on all strategic activities. My role also extends to cultivating relationships in business, technological and financial spheres to grow business development and productivity.

Creating transformative change in the healthcare sector is my passion. I am constantly exploring new horizons and connecting the technologies we have invented to more practical applications in the medical field.

My passion and drive to develop new technologies – achieved by understanding users’ unmet needs – ensures that we attract highly-skilled experts to our team who have an important contribution to make and who know that something tangible will result from our collaborative efforts.