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TIPSOTM Touchless Interaction with PACS in Sterile Operations

TIPSOTM is an award-winning technology platform that revolutionizes intraprocedural interaction with radiology images. TIPSO devices enable over-the-drape controls for physicians to navigate/manipulate live and historical imaging records in a touchless and seamless fashion.


Preserve Sterility

The operator no longer needs to scrub in/out for image review

Improve Workflow

Faster operative time translates to quicker surgeries and lower costs

Maintain Operator Focus

Over-the-drape controls allow the operator to remain engaged at all times

Reduce Radiation Exposure

Convenient retrieval of historical image data may limit the need for intra-operative image scans


Workflow improvement may contribute to institutional quality assurance initiatives

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NZ Technologies Inc. announces the initiation of a collaborative research study with Stanford University Medical Center to evaluate TIPSO Touchless Image Navigation in Interventional Radiology. The research effort aims to evaluate TIPSO in improving procedural workflow in CT-guided therapy, extending beyond its current uses in the angio suite. The data will contribute to the field of human-machine interaction in clinical applications and establish evidence for TIPSO’s role in interventional medicine.


NZ Technologies is pleased to announce signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with TZ Medical, a leading multispecialty medical device provider in the United States. This represents a significant step in executing NZTech’s strategy to expand its commercial footprint for its flagship TIPSO devices in regional markets outside Canada. TZ Medical brings the market expertise, commitment and energy in a coordinated effort with NZTech to grow presence and adoption for a revolutionary technology in ORs and interventional suites across the targeted geographies.


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