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TIPSOTM Touchless Interaction with PACS in Sterile Operations

TIPSOTM is an award-winning technology platform that revolutionizes intraprocedural interaction with radiology images. TIPSO devices enable over-the-drape controls for physicians to navigate/manipulate live and historical imaging records in a touchless and seamless fashion.


Preserve Sterility

The operator no longer needs to scrub in/out for image review

Improve Workflow

Faster operative time translates to quicker surgeries and lower costs

Maintain Operator Focus

Over-the-drape controls allow the operator to remain engaged at all times

Reduce Radiation Exposure

Convenient retrieval of historical image data may limit the need for intra-operative image scans


Workflow improvement may contribute to institutional quality assurance initiatives

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NZ Technologies Inc. announces the initiation of a collaborative research study with Stanford University Medical Center to evaluate TIPSO Touchless Image Navigation in Interventional Radiology. The research effort aims to evaluate TIPSO in improving procedural workflow in CT-guided therapy, extending beyond its current uses in the angio suite. The data will contribute to the field of human-machine interaction in clinical applications and establish evidence for TIPSO’s role in interventional medicine.


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