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Shimadzu Medical Systems USA and NZ Technologies sign agreement to bring TIPSO AirPad Technology to the IXR Suite

Shimadzu Medical Systems USA, a subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation and a leader in diagnostic medical imaging systems, along with NZ Technologies of Vancouver Canada and developers of TIPSOTM technology, today (Jan 13, 2020) announced that they have signed a one-year renewable agreement that allows Shimadzu to market and sell the innovative TIPSO AirPad® in the US healthcare market.

‘The future of medicine’ is here now in Kelowna

NZ Technologies brings TIPSO™ to interior BC

Touchless image navigation facilitates decision-making in the operating room

Touchless image navigation facilitates decision-making in the operating room. TIPSO NZ Technologies announces third peer-reviewed paper on TIPSO touchless image navigation; builds evidence for a technology platform designed for the OR of the future.

Imaging Technology News March 25, 2019

NZ Technologies Announces First Peer-Reviewed Paper on TIPSO AirPad

UBC Innovation: Tomorrow’s Technology Available Today

The future of healthcare is changing for the better with novel medical technologies emerging at a record pace. One such technology developed by a UBC startup in recent years has made remarkable strides in bridging the gap between research and commercialization.

TIPSOTM in Medical Device Daily

In one case where I would usually have scrubbed in and out ten to fifteen times, I stayed [in the OR] using TIPSOTM and did it twice. Invariably that’s a time saver “ Dr. John Chung

The Ubyssey writes a feature on NZ Technologies

Projected control panel is helping make surgery faster

NZ Technologies TIPSOTM featured in Business in Vancouver

The technology is now being used at Surrey Memorial Hospital, which has the busiest emergency room in B.C.

NZ Technologies in South China Morning Post

SCMP featured BIV’s article on TIPSO under its “Tech Innovation” section

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