Touchless Interaction with PACS in Sterile Operations

TIPSO™ is an award-winning technology platform that revolutionizes intraprocedural interaction with radiology images. TIPSO™ devices enable over-the-drape controls for physicians to navigate/manipulate live and historical imaging records in a touchless and seamless fashion.

About TIPSO AirPad®

Compact | Wireless | Workhorse

TIPSO AirPad® provides a palm-sized, portable solution for convenient control of image navigation, allowing placement inside the sterile field. Touchless finger movements over the sensing surface enable activation of a routine set of controls to interact with procedural imaging to meet the everyday demands.

Designed for
Operative Use

  • Proprietary capacitive technology enables sensing of finger movements over the TIPSO AirPad® surface to activate commands
  • Compact embodiment allows placement anywhere (in a tray or held in hand) within the narrow confines of the sterile workspace
  • Device operable inside a sterile bag

Intuitive User Control

  • An operator activates commands by performing finger twirls and swipes over the device
  • No awkward limb movements or learned hand gestures
  • Functionality covers all routine imaging controls, including scroll, zoom, pan, window/level, rotation, etc.

Connectivity and Compatibility

A control room, separated by a glass-paneled wall, hosts one or more computer workstations with patient medical data.

By connecting the USB Dongle to the workstation and setting up a wireless router for WIFI communications, TIPSOTM can wirelessly control radiology images on the chosen workstation.

While not all ORs have a designated control room, an area is always designated for non-sterile access to a computer workstation.

TIPSOTM is viewer-independent; the relevant mouse and keyboard controls sent from TIPSOTM to the workstation can be configured for any given Radiology Image Viewer Application (provided by vendors, such as Philips, Siemens, or McKesson).


tipso Airpad
Finger-motion Control Finger-motion Control
Multimodal Compatibility Multimodal Compatibility
Portable & Wireless Portable & Wireless
Sterile Cover Ready Sterile Cover Ready

The Details

  • FDA registered
  • Health Canada - Not classified as a medical device
  • HIPAA Compliance - Not applicable
  • CE Mark - Declared
  • KC (Korea) - Compliant
  • JRL - Compliant

  • Battery life - Up to 6 hours
  • Connectivity - USB dongle and wireless router provided
  • Installation - None (plug and play)

  • AirPad device
  • AirPad charging dock
  • USB Dongle
  • Wifi Router

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Dr. Nima Ziraknejad

Ph.D., P.Eng. Founder and CEO

An inventor by nature, I have devoted my life to technological innovation, taking sector-specific problems and transforming them into practical, commercialized solutions.

As CEO, I am responsible for leadership and operations at NZTech, which includes securing and managing the financing, and making decisions on all strategic activities. My role also extends to cultivating relationships in business, technological and financial spheres to grow business development and productivity.

Creating transformative change in the healthcare sector is my passion. I am constantly exploring new horizons and connecting the technologies we have invented to more practical applications in the medical field.

My passion and drive to develop new technologies – achieved by understanding users’ unmet needs – ensures that we attract highly-skilled experts to our team who have an important contribution to make and who know that something tangible will result from our collaborative efforts.

At NZTech, I have been instrumental in:

• Taking an R&D project to a commercialized medical product in just five years.
• Creating a footprint in the hospitals and an awareness around the advantages of touchless controls in the operating room.
• Securing $4M of funding from government and private investments.
• Forming and leading a team of 12 HQPs and staffs responsible for R&D, manufacturing, marketing, commercialization and customer support.